(EN) Točená zmrzlina

Soft ice cream is the right ice refreshment later! Since you - our customers have searched this refreshing delicacy, we did not hesitate, and we purchased a machine for ice cream Toce. It's up to you what flavor you choose. You prefer the classic chocolate and vanilla ice cream twisted? Or try a blueberry or strawberry ice cream? Or you want to mix? Everything is possible!!! Our trained staff will prepare for you delicious fresh draft ice directly at the place of your event. If you are preparing Children's Day, a company party, family day or other cultural - social event, do not hesitate to reach out. And everyone can happily enjoy the best of twisted zmzline kovacservis.sk



Ice cream cone, the best is cold !!!

Smells, tastes freezes lightly.

gladly we'll eat it all.

Chocolate, raspberry yogurt,

That's great ice cream!

Do not hesitate and order you today.

Toce ice cream from kovacservis.sk

If you have questions, or are interested in a quote, please contact us via e-mail or phone kovac@kovacservis.sk. numbers 0911 768 298 or 0908 768298th