Atraction Fly

Have you ever watched a fly on Flypaper? Costume made ​​of us known as Velcro allows you to paste in the most impossible positions on nearly vertical wall. It's very entertaining, both for participants and spectators to bystanders.


Attraction: Attraction Fly

Applicability: all year round: Summer - outdoors, winter - in the lobby, gym 

nature of the event: events, festivals, Village, Family days, party, Children's Day 

space requirements: 4.5 x4x5m 

need for power. Power: continuous power supply. power 220V - Vintage housing socket, 2kW 

healthiness: harmless, EN 14960 

age group: 10 to 100 years / costumes are bigger / 

simultaneous occupation to attraction: two people simultaneously 

List Price: on request