(EN) Jumping

Competition attraction for 8 people, when they revolve around two arms facing must escape jump and land again on the podium or the shrug. Rotational speed of the treacherous arms is gradually increased until the tee will not even last one competitor.

The whole attraction has dimensions of 8m x 8 meters and for its operation require continuous electricity supply 220V. Price points are available on request.


 Attractions: Jumping

Applicability: all year: Summer - outside, winter - in the hall, gymnasium

nature of the event: events, festivals, Village days, family days, Party, Children's Day

space requirement 8m X 8m

the need for power. energy: continuous power supply. Power 220V - classical light socket, 2kW

healthiness: harmless, EN 14960

Age group: 3 to 100 years

concurrent persons to attraction: 8

Prices: on request