Human whack a mole


Super fun new in 2019! "Hammer-head" is the name of a new attraction, such as teambuilding, sports, fun and children's events! Guaranteed to distribute all participants. Everyone will not be able to wait when they get a hammer on their heads! :-) The principle of this fun attraction is that one person with a hammer is in the middle of the attraction, and he shrinks when other people - who stand in the holes around it - and try to steal the balls to give them a "hammer-head". The player who picks up as many balls as possible. He then exchanges with a player in the center with a hammer and the fun goes on.


For a better illustration, see the picture.

attraction: "hammer-head"usability: year-round: summer - outdoors, winter - in the gym, gym

event type: teambuilding, events, festivals, community days, family days, party, children's day ....

space requirement: 4,3 m x 4,3 m

need el. energy: continuous el. power 220V - classic housing socket, 2kW

health: harmless, EN 14960 age category: 5 - 100 years simultaneous number of people at the attraction: 7 (6 + 1)

price list: on request