Radar gate


Radar Gate Radar Gate - Another new attraction enriched our wide range of child and entertainment inflation attractions. It's a radar gate. It is intended for all small and big footballers who want to know how hard they can kick into such a fast shot when the ball kicks out of a straight kick. The Radar Gate focuses on various sports events, and, of course, teambuilding. Attractions: radar gate usability: year-round: summer - outdoors, winter - in the hall, gym event type: teambuilding, events, festivals, community days, family days, party, children's day .... space requirement: 6.5x 4x3.8 m need el. energy: power supply power 220V - classic housing socket, 2kW health: harmless, EN 14960 age category: 1 - 100 years Concurrent number of people at the attraction: every person kicks the ball alone to keep the radar at speed price list: on request kovac@kovacservis.sk