(EN) Aquazorbing

Aquazorbing - this popular summer attraction has also enriched our wide range of infant and fun inflatable attractions.

 If you like hanging out on the water, but do not want to get wet, this attraction is made just for you.

 You go to the transparent balls and enjoy the shit on the pool water.

 Attractions: aquazorbing

 usability: year-round: summer - outdoors, winter - in the gym, gym

 event type: teambuilding, events, festivals, community days, family days, party, children's day ....

 space requirement: blue pool: 6x6 m, 2x transparent gula with diameter

 need el. energy: power supply power 220V - classic housing socket, 2kW

 health: harmless, EN 14960

 age category: 1 - 100 years

 simultaneous number of people at the attraction: 2 each separately

 price list: on request