Children's electric toy car

Great fun for kids, where they can actually ride you, almost like grown ups ... Cars run on battery power. Best conditions for the operation of toy cars are flat surfaces, eg.: Asphalt, tile, etc.. possibly vykosený lawn or football field. The minimum dimensions needed to operate the 6m x 5 m. 


Attraction: children's electric cars 

Applicability: all year round: Summer - outdoors, winter - in the lobby, gym 

nature of the event: events, festivals, Village, Family days, party, Children's Day 

space requirements: 6m x 5m, vykosený lawn, playground, asphalt ... 

need for power. Energy: you do not need cars have their own battery 

healthiness: harmless, EN 14960 

age group: 3-10 

simultaneous attraction to persons: 1 matchbox / 1 person, some are two-digit 

List Price: on request