(EN) Segway

As the latest offer in 2015 to introduce our segwaye

What is Segway?


Segway PT (Personal Transporter) is a two-wheeled electric vehicle for one person and a reasonable cost, using movement to its dynamic stabilization. He invented the American entrepreneur and inventor Dean Kamen. Produced since 2001, the company Segway Inc. in New Hampshire, USA. Electric motors driving the vehicle are powered Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries. Thanks accumulator drive is very quiet and does not produce combustion fumes. The stability of the upright ensure continuous gyro microprocessor controlled to 100 times per second evaluates the position of the base and on the basis of this information controls the electric motors stability to the platform the plane. Segway has a top speed up to 20 km / h. The new models also have a wireless controller with its own security regime.


This attraction can be provided in the form of rent. If interested, please contact us.


- Attractions: Segway PT i2 SE

- Use: year-round: summer - outdoors, winter - in the hall, gymnasium

- Nature of the event: events, festivals, Village days, family days, Party, Children's Day

- Space requirement: min. 3 meters x 8 meters

- The need for power. Energy: is not required

- Wholesomeness: harmless, EN 14960

- Age category: 5 100 years

- Parallel persons to attraction: 1

- Price: on request

- Kovac@kovacservis.sk