(EN) combo Pirates

We offer the attraction Combo where you can skid and also the jump. Pirates Combo dimensions are 5.5 meters x 4.6 meters x 4.5 meters. It is safe. The operation combo Pirates needed continuous electricity 220V. This attraction can be provided in the form of rent. If interested, please contact us.


Attractions: combo pirates


Applicability: all year: Summer - outside, winter - in the hall, gymnasium


nature of the event: events, festivals, Village days, family days, Party, Children's Day


space requirement: 5.5 meters x 4.6 meters x 4.5 meters.


the need for power. energy: continuous power supply. Power 220V - classical light socket, 2kW


healthiness: harmless, EN 14960


Age category: 2 to 100 years


concurrent persons to attraction: 1-10


Prices: on request