Milking cow


Do you want to try milking your cow? Ours is still available to you. Beautiful black - white cow It will give you a unique opportunity to try out how the cow really feels. This activity - milking the cow - is very exciting activity for both children and adults. And moreover, you don't have to worry about it accidents and injuries that may threaten you in a real live animal. So if you want to milk our cow - it's here for you!


attraction: cow for milking usability: all year round: summer - outdoors, winter - in the hall, gym event character: events, festivals, village days, family days, party, children's day space requirement: height: 1.20 m and width: 1.60 m the need for el. energy: continuous power supply. power 220V - standard flat socket, 2kW health: harmless, EN 14960 age category: up to 0 - 100 parallel number of persons per attraction: 1 -2 pricelist: on request