Brain teasers

Please show your manual dexterity and logical thinking to solve various puzzles. 
Puzzles are suitable for pleasure or as a competition for individuals or groups. 
For the competition you will have puzzles of varying difficulty, which you must assemble the time limit specified. 
Our staff will measure time, jot down points and make the referee.

Conundrum "Wooden Hedgehog" consists of a wooden cage in which it is cleverly inserted a small wooden hedgehog with spines. Your mission is to rescue a hedgehog out of the cage, but of course without the use of violence, whether against the cage, or even to itself hedgehog. 

And who has received a hedgehog to freedom, in turn, may bother with the loading back inside.

The conundrum "rings" Your task is to choose two wheels of the plate. At first glance trivial task, but after a while testing it turns out that it still requires a bit of thinking and also fine-tune accuracy.
Poser "spindle" offers a unique combination of lace three-dimensional puzzle with one element - ring. The task is to separate itself from the ring spindle, of course, without tearing or termination laces.
Segments can be composed next to each "area" and thus create different pictures, or stacked to give spatial shapes.
Your task is to select a cord out of the puzzle and then insert it back again. Conundrum "Small Steps" is among the easier puzzles, but even though you are sure to please.

Conundrum "bottle cage" you tormented brain cells. To hammer out the bottle, you must deliver the appropriate pull cords of a wooden cage.

Attraction: brain teasers
Applicability: all year round: Summer - outdoors, winter - in the lobby, gym 
nature of the event: events, festivals, Village, Family days, party, Children's Day 
need for power. Power: not required 
healthiness: harmless 
age group: 3 to 100 years 
simultaneous occupation: one by one, or by appointment 
List Price: on request