(EN) Tent 3x3m a 3x6m

Scissor Speedcubers tent in dimensions 3x3m and 3x6m. Excellent for presentation events such sales booth, birthday or Menin parties, weddings and events of a similar style.


Suitable as a shelter with barbeques and gatherings with family and friends or even to larger grill parties, picnics, fairs, team building and other events or recreation shelter workers on site etc. It has a variety of uses. Excellent protection against water, sun and wind.


Stan has a 3x waterproof walls that are rubberized from the inside.


Stan has 4 different levels of regulatory adjustable height from 1.78 m to 2.05 m 


Hall dimensions: 3 x 3 m, 3 x 6 m



Roof material is 100% waterproof polyester 620D of the inner lining of rubber (thick reinforced with fibers resistant to tearing)

Wall material is made of 100% polyester 420D waterproof material on the inside covered with rubber (thick reinforced with fibers resistant to tearing)


Speedcubers The entire structure is made of steel.

You can order them by renting. Prices will be sent on request.