(EN) Fotobox

Photobox - One of the most popular entertainment features of the day. Still, the shooting was never easy, fun and fast!

 Photobox, photo or photobook - under this name, there is a hill of fun with friends hanging out in a few seconds for you!

 If you plan to have a business meeting, a children's celebration, a wedding or other social event, do not hesitate to use our services.

 We offer a new, stylish backlit photocell with a beautiful design that really acts luxuriously.

 The PhotoBox is a portable device with a built-in camera and a printer that prints your photo in seconds. Photographing is possible both indoors and outdoors. At your wishes, you can use different backgrounds, texts, embed corporate logo or event name.

 Of course, photorecurities are by theme. The client can choose any number of photos, respectively. also choose the design of the photo you like most.

 Dimensions of photos: 10 x 15 cm, or 15 x 20 cm

 LED lighting

 Power: 230 V / 320 W

 Dimensions: 172x65x47 CM