(EN) Zorbing football - soccer balls

Bumper ball - or, otherwise speaking, balls for zorbing football is a form of fun for 2 to 12 players where the participants wear a large, translucent, air-filled ball,

which overwhelms them. They only have free legs on which they can move. They play classic football according to common rules. There is a lot of play in the game

comic situations that arise from the "bulkiness and clumsiness" of players. Guaranteed fun and super teambuilding!

Attraction: zorbing football - soccer balls
usability: year-round: summer - outdoors, winter - in the gym, gym
event, teambuilding, festivals, community days, family days, party, children's day
space requirement: diameter 1.5 m
need el. energy: continuous el. power 220V - classic housing socket, 2kW
health: harmless, EN 14960
age category: 10-100 years
concurrent number of people at the attraction: 1 - 12
price list: on request