Bouncy castle clown

We offer colorful bouncy castle with clown motif. Bouncy castle is still one of the first in our famous inflatable attractions, and still remains the most popular. Perfectly Complements children, corporate, as well as various cultural and social events such as Village, Family Days and festivals. For more information please contact us Smiley

Attraction: bouncy castle, theme: Clown 
Applicability: all year round: Summer - outdoors, winter - in the lobby, gym
nature of the event: events, festivals, Village, Family days, party, Children's Day
space requirements: 6.2 m x 5.2 m 
need for power. Power: continuous power supply. power 220V - Vintage housing socket, 2kW 
healthiness: harmless, EN 14960 
age category: 2-100 years 
simultaneous occupation to attraction: 1-10
list Price: on request